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Personal Injury

This category includes all cases where you, a family member and/or companion have been involved as a victim in an accident, intentional assault, toxic exposure and/or some other similar incident which results in a physical and/or emotional injury and/or death.

We handle cases involving all types of accidents, including but not limited to automobile, boating, aviation, industrial, slip and fall, and use of defective products. The injury does not necessarily have to result in hospitalization and/or extensive medical treatment to be of a sufficient damage value for our firm to accept. Sometimes injuries that result in no hospitalization and only minimal medical treatment or care result in significant pain and suffering, permanent disability and/or mental and emotional anguish. In such cases the victim is entitled under the law to the same level of compensation for their pain and suffering and disability related damages as the person requiring significant medical care. In order to accurately evaluate your claim as to the likely range of damages it would yield in a settlement and a judgment at trial you will need to provide us with all applicable records relating to the accident and the medical care and other information that may be requested by us which we will review free of charge in evaluating your claim prior to making a decision to either decline or accept your claim for representation. It is almost always beneficial for the prospective injury client to seek a claim evaluation from an injury lawyer as soon as possible after the occurrence of their injury. Otherwise important information and evidence may become lost and legal time limits may pose a bar to pursuing the claim successfully.

Even if a victim is injured by a person who appears to be what is commonly termed as a "judgment-proof party", meaning they are insolvent and would be impossible to collect a settlement or judgment from, the case may still afford the opportunity for a full recovery. This is because in certain fact situations the law will allow recovery from other parties for the acts of another. Some examples are: employers can become liable for injuries caused by a negligent or criminally intentional act of an employee; a landowner or business owner can become liable for injuries that occur on their property or are caused by their agents on and off of the business premises, including injuries and deaths caused by violent acts of criminals perpetrated in or near businesses, stores, hotels, apartments, etc due to failure to provide adequate security on or near the premises. This is not an exhaustive list of such situations and you would need to present the facts of your case to the lawyer for evaluation to determine if there is a possible claim that can be successfully brought against some party other than the party that was directly involved in causing the accident or committing the assault that injured or killed the victim.

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Law Office of Kenneth A Norsworthy, LLC
711 H Street, Suite 410
Anchorage, AK 99501
Telephone: (907) 279-1000
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